With the aim of developing new products and continuously improving quality, RODONAS SA is active in various research projects, in collaboration with research institutions and individual scientists from Greece and abroad.

Research Programmes 

«Stevia reabaudiana as a diversification alternative for European tobacco farmers to strengthen the European competitiveness»


Diversification for Tobacco Growing Farms by the alternative crop Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni (DIVAS). Funding sector: Tobacco Co-operative of Toumpa and European Union.


Project RuralE-Evolution, co-financed by European Commission under the European programme : Inteligent Energy Europe (IEE) www.ruraleevolution.eu


"Diversification for tobacco growing regions in the Southern European Union"(DIVTOB). Funding sector: European Union.


Prefecture research program for the Stevia cultivation.


"Experiments, evidential fields and achieved yield of the kind Stevia rebaudiana as alternative tobacco growing". Funding sector: Department of Rural Development and Food.


Our Collaborators